Telling the tale of Sutter County, the Community Memorial Museum holds a special place in the hearts of the residents who live nearby.



History of the Museum


The Community Memorial Museum was founded in 1975 from funds donated by the Sutter County Historical Society, Howard and Norma Harter, and a number of other private donors. Throughout the years since it has grown and expanded thanks to the generosity of the local people.


Today the Museum depicts the lives of the many generations of people who have called Sutter County home, from the tribes of Native American people who lived there before contact was made with British Settlers, right through to the people who call the county home today. It tells the story through a combination of public programs and exhibits, some permanent and others temporary.


The Exhibits


Currently the museum features a number of exhibits, with notable permanent displays featuring the Maidu-Nisenan people, John Sutter (the founder of California and the first man to find gold on Californian land, the discovery of which went on to trigger the Californian Gold Rush), a summary of the county?s agricultural activities, and a multi-cultural section dedicated to the minority communities which have lived in Sutter County over the years.


The aim of Sutter County Community Memorial Museum is to inspire pride in the local community and to celebrate the rich and diverse history surrounding the people and landscape which has made it into the county that it is today. The museum aims to strengthen bonds between Sutter County?s residents by emphasizing how an understanding of the past can help to set the community up to thrive in the future.


The museum is current home to over 7,000 photographs and 15,000 artefacts, all of which help to tell of the history of Sutter?and, by extension, Yuba?county. Some of the artefacts are hundreds of years old, including Native American crafts such as clothing and baskets. Everything that is displayed in the museum has been generously donated by the people, truly demonstrating the passion that the locals hold for the collection.


Supporting the Museum


Alongside accepting donations of money and artefacts, the Museum relies on its fundraising events to get enough income to continue providing the service. Using local talent and businesses, they host dinner theaters, galas and movie nights. They further hold demonstrations on the premises such as falconry and run educational children?s programs on an increasingly regular basis as well. Membership plans are also offered for those who wish to further support the Museum in a more personal and direct way.


As part of our aim to encourage and promote small, local attractions, Gecko Pest Control Yuba City are working to get the word out about this wonderful little establishment. If you have the time, give it a visit or attend one of its fundraisers and help to support the promotion of local history.


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Community Memorial Museum of Sutter County
1333 Butte House Rd, Yuba City, CA 95993


Get on CA-99 N/State Hwy 99 N from El Dorado Ln and Queens Ave
3 min (1.0 mi)


Follow CA-99 N/State Hwy 99 N to E 1st Ave in Chico. Take exit 386 from CA-99 N/State Hwy 99 N
47 min (44.1 mi)


Continue on E 1st Ave. Drive to Wayne Ln
3 min (1.1 mi)


Gecko Pest Control
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