It is undeniably true that homeowners will face a wealth of problems over the years. Some of these problems are worse than others and it is also important to look outside of the box. Many people take things for granted and often do not fully realize that their actions could ultimately impact others. When dealing with a pest infestation, many consumers will attempt to combat the problem utilizing chemical sprays. This is not always a good idea. While these sprays may get the job done, they also have negative repercussions. Within this guide, you will learn more about eliminating pests and keeping them at bay in an eco-friendly manner.


The Dangers Of Chemical Sprays

First and foremost, you should realize that chemical sprays can lead to an abundance of problems. Utilizing chemical sprays such as pesticides and insecticides can lead to chemical spray drift. In return, drifting chemicals can pose serious risks to the environment, as well as the public at large. The health effects associated with chemical drifts are usually short-term and rare, but they can still cause eye irritation, skin irritation and breathing problems. Exposure to the chemicals can also lead to health problems.


Each specific pesticide carries its own unique set of environmental concerns. This is why many pesticides have been banned. These sprays can harm plants, animals and nature in general.


Making Your Own Pesticides

So, what are you supposed to do? How can you eliminate pests inside and around your home, without harming the environment? First and foremost, consumers should consider mixing and making their own pesticides. Utilizing all-natural mixtures with ingredients that are biodegradable will help. This will ensure that the environment will remain safe and that your plants and animals will not be harmed. There is an abundance of different ingredients that will help. Eggshells are a good option for deterring slugs and Japanese beetles. If you?re trying to get rid of other pests, you should try using oil and soap or garlic and mint.


Coffee grounds and Chili pepper sprays are other options. Just remember that each ingredient will only be effective for specific types of pests. Nevertheless, they?re well worth trying out on your own.


Snap Traps For Rodents

Snap traps might not be ideal for everyone, but they still provide a solution that is far eco-friendlier than the alternatives. In general, most houses will require at least a dozen traps to get rid of a houseful of rodents. You?ll also need to find a good lure, such as rolled oats or even peanut butter. Unfortunately, dealing with the aftermath of snap traps is never fun. If you do not have the heart to dispose of rat carcasses, you should look for a cleaner alternative.


Heat Machines

If you?re dealing with bedbugs, you?ll want to get rid of the pests as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, sprayed chemicals will not cut it. They?re dangerous and they?ll cause significant harm to the environment. Even worse is the fact that they might not even be friendly. Heat machines are capable of eliminating bedbugs without harming the environment or posing a risk to you, your family or your pets.


Keep Your House Clean

It is essential to remember that some pests are attracted to dirt and leftover foods. Therefore, you might be able to deter the pests by keeping your house as clean as possible. Take the time to sweep and mop your house on a daily basis. Get rid of crumbs as quickly as possible. With a thorough cleaning procedure, you?ll be able to keep those pesky rodents and roaches at bay!


Botanical Pesticides

Some pesticides contain the natural defenses that trees and plants utilize to protect themselves against pathogens and insects. The organic oils work effectively to keep insects, such as ants, wasps and termites at bay. By combining the oils with other organic materials, it is possible to create a very effective pesticide that will eradicate various types of insects.


Mattress Encasements

If you are trying to safe-proof your bedroom from bedbugs, you should consider investing in mattress and pillow encasements. These products are designed from plastic and vinyl materials and had a zipper to create a perfect seal around mattresses, pillows and box springs.


It is also a good idea to invest in plastic containers for your bed linen, stuffed animals and clothing. When you place the items in the container, mice and moth will not be able to gain access them.


Solar Powered Repellents

It is no big secret that more and more people are taking advantage of solar powered products in order to save money and preserve the integrity of the earth. Well, you might be surprised to learn that there are now several different pest management companies that offer solar powered repellents. While these products are fairly new to the market, they have had quite a reaction. A spike with a solar panel is installed in the ground, and while the sun is out the panel will collect energy and convert it to power The spike section of the device, which is buried underground, will emit vibrations throughout the ground scaring away nearby critters.


These models are especially effective, when it comes to scaring away snakes, moles, and smaller vermin that can tear up your yard.


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