Picture this: it is a warm, scenic day in the middle of summer and you are out for a stroll in the park with your loved ones. You settle down for a picnic, carefully unfolding the sandwiches and pulling out the cans of soda. Birds are singing in the skies above, the clouds are lazily drifting by, and by the time you?ve returned your attention to the lovingly-made-lunch, you find that it has been swarmed by what must surely be a whole colony of ants!

Gross, right?

No one wants to be in this situation, but it?s a fair guess that everyone has, at some point, experienced it. But when such an infestation occurs inside your home, the effects can be devastating. So, what should you do?

There are a number of different approaches that can be taken to pest control, and the efficacy of these will vary. Of course, some factors must always be taken into account; are there young children around who could stick their fingers into something they shouldn?t? Will the cat disturb a trap? The list goes on.

Methods of Insect Control

As with anything, the exact method of control to be used will vary based on the pest. For flying insects, sticky traps work exceptionally well and are a safe, cost-effective means on ongoing control. However, their biggest downside is the appearance?nobody likes the look of a tape covered in hundreds of dead flies!

Another favored method for controlling small, crawling insects such as ants, mites, cockroaches and bedbugs, which also happens to be an organic and safe treatment, is Diatomaceous Earth. Only harmful to creatures with an exoskeleton?insects?it dehydrates and suffocates the pests, and with excellent reviews it seems to be an excellent, organic method of pest control.

Some other commonly mentioned herbal methods of repelling pests include leaving out slices of cucumber, mint, bay leaves, cloves, citronella (citrus from lemons), cedar, catnip, essential oils and garlic. As herbal methods are considered gentler than chemicals, however, a degree of tolerance by pests may unfortunately be seen.

Methods of Rodent Control

Mice and rats are every homeowner?s nightmare. It is often said that for every individual you see, there are ten more hiding elsewhere, and so it is easy to see why rodents can become so troublesome! It is essential to take quick action when you discover a rodent infestation or you may soon become overrun!

Many rodent traps are available on the market, and the best choice for you will differ depending on your situation:

  • Poisoned rat bait is easy and efficient to put down, but caution must be taken to ensure young children or pets cannot get into it. Hunters such as cats may also end up chowing down on a poisoned rat carcass, so if or your neighborhood is home to a number of cats, the responsible and neighborly thing to do would be to avoid poison.
  • Snap traps capture and kill rodents instantly, and are a cost effective and humane method of treatment. Again, be careful with using them around young children or pets, as they could also trigger a trap and get hurt!
  • Live traps capture rodents in a cage so that they cannot get out. These are effective traps however consideration must be given to what you will do with the live animal after it is caught. Do you have the means to kill it humanely, or will you simply release it elsewhere? It is also critical that you check the law in your state, as some prohibits the release of disease causing animals such as rodents.
  • Electronic traps are often considered the most humane method of rodent control. As soon as the rat or mouse enters the trap, it is killed with a single electrical shock.
  • Glue traps are an option however these are considered to be the least humane. A glue trap is effectively a sticky board which, once stuck to, a rodent cannot escape from. The death is slow and painful and the animal may injure itself further during its attempts to escape.

The first line of action against pests should always be to keep your home well sealed and sanitary. After this, home remedies may be of use but, if the infestation is already large, a pest control company such as Gecko should be called. Always ensure that the service you choose will take your personal situation into account as well.

Remember that pests can, and do, because disease and damage?don?t let your loved ones suffer and always sort the problem as soon as possible!