Pest control in my area: what to look for


The truth is that we actually need pests. Every one of them in proper balance is an integral component of the ecosystem around us. Without them, the natural world would fail to function correctly, which could be devastating.


But the operative term here is {proper balance}. Everything has to be in balance and exist in harmony. So having your living space overrun by one or more types of pests is definitely not a proper balance.


rats belong outside somewhere, not in your home, inside your walls, or kitchen cabinets. The same thing goes for ants, cockroaches, and all the other common pests that have decided that living is easier in your home than it is in their natural environment.


I live in Marysville, California, right next to the river, so you better believe that we have occasional problems with pests in our trailer park. So when I need pest control in my area, I know what to look for.


Are they licensed and insured?


When I contact pest control in my area, the first thing I want to know is if they’re licensed and insured. It’s just so easy for a fraudster to set himself up in the pest control business without proper accreditation.


Faking it used to be a little more difficult, but now thanks to the internet and advanced printing services, fake documents are just too easy to produce.


I ask for phone numbers that I can call to verify that they are, in fact, licensed and adequately insured. The reason this is so important is because if they’re faking that they are licensed and insured, you have to wonder what else they’re lying about?


Also, if they aren’t licensed and insured, you can bet they’re less than reputable. They may have even already had a license but had it canceled due to bad business practices and customer complaints.


Do they use safe and approved products?


I have children and pets living with me in my mobile home, so I want to make sure that any pest control in my area only uses products that are proven safe and eco-friendly.


I’ve even gone so far as to write down what they told me they use and then look it up on the internet to read about it. I’m just not up to taking any chances because I’m not just concerned about my poodle and two cats, I’m also concerned with the well-being of my kids.


Some pest control products can only be purchased and used if you have a license, and I’m okay with that. But if they’re using products anyone can buy down at the local hardware store, what do I need them for?


I can buy them and use them myself to save money. I also quiz them to see if they have run into any problems with the products they use, like people with allergic reactions. I sure don’t want to be no ones guinea pig.


What about extended treatment plans?


Another thing for sure worth asking about is if they have extended treatment plans. Out here, pest control is seasonal. It goes on all year long. Certain types of pests have a way of showing up at certain times of the year.


So we really don’t see any rats during the spring and early summer. But when the end of the summer rolls around and all their natural food sources becomes depleted, it can seem like every rat in the field across the street wants to take up residence in my trailer.


So I always make a point of asking about extended treatment plans. The nice thing about them is that they usually come with savings over the long term.


Also, another benefit is I don’t have to wait until I have a problem to have them show up for treatment. They have me on schedule, and they know what pest to treat for at any given time of year.


Are they experienced and familiar with the area?


This one is more important than most people realize. I want professional pest control in my area to be familiar with the area and the pests that inhabit it. The last thing I want is someone learning on my dime.


So I don’t need someone from Colorado coming out here to stand in my trailer to tell me about pest control here in Marysville when I know more than they do. We have termites out here that can turn a solid chunk of wood into dust inside of a year.


There are giant cockroaches running around here that scare the living daylights out of you when you cross paths with them. I’m sure over time, someone new to the area, we’ll figure out how to deal with them, but I don’t have time to accommodate their learning curve.


When I need help dealing with the pest that we have around here, I need someone that preferably grew up in the area.