How to get mice out of your car, before the damage is done.


It’s something that most people just don’t consider until it happens to them. They find themselves confronted by the fact that a mouse has taken up residence in their vehicle.


If this is something that you are dealing with, then the problem you face is how to get a mouse out of your car because there is just not much information on the topic. How to prevent rats from eating car wires is another related question that’s difficult to find answers to as well.


Sure, you can find articles and videos online that advise you to buy mouse traps and clean up the cookie crumbs off the floor of your car, but you already know that. Your vehicle is at stake here.


This is because there are wires under the hood that, if they get chewed through, can short out your entire vehicle’s wiring harness. If you don’t understand what that means, it means your car will be completely totaled.


So if you are interested in learning some preemptive guerrilla tactics to completely eradicate rats and mice from your car and home, keep on reading.


Use rodent poison and use it early.


If you can’t stomach the idea of poisoning rodents that are working to destroy your vehicle, then you may as well buy a bicycle and learn how to ride it. People who are serious about rodent abatement, like shopkeepers, ranchers, and farmers, rely on poison.


Not the little packets of poison you can pick up at your local hardware store, either. You need the good stuff they sell at ranch and equestrian supply venues. Or you can shop online.


But the bottom line is the more you spend on rodent poison, the better it is. Then if you really want to know how to prevent rats from eating car wires, it’s to put the poison out in late summer to early spring.


That’s the best time because rats, mice, and squirrels will gather it up and take it into their dens to feed it to their young. You want to kill everything, so that includes squirrels.


Don’t let your neighbors know what you were up to, either. You are well within your rights to protect your property and what you’re doing is perfectly legal.


How to get a mouse out of your car with poison gas.


At the beginning of this article, you were promised effective guerilla tactics for how to prevent rats from eating car wires, and there is nothing more effective than poison gas. Don’t worry, though.


This isn’t some type of gas that you can accidentally kill yourself with, either. Instead, this is the same stuff you breathe out of your nose every time you exhale.


It’s carbon dioxide gas that comes in the form of dry ice that you can purchase at your local grocery store. Not all stores carry it, but most do, and it’s cheap.


So if you really want to know how to get a mouse out of your car or how to prevent rats from eating car wires, then grab yourself a bucket and head on down to your local grocery store to pick up a big chunk of dry ice.


Then tonight, place that big chunk of that dry ice in a bucket and put it in your vehicle and roll up all the windows. Leave it that way until morning, and there’s a good chance that will do the trick.


The nice thing about it is that you won’t be stuck with a dead rat in your dashboard because once the concentration gets high, the rodents are going to run for their lives.


Just make sure to vent the car and your garage out before you get in it in the morning.


Sticky board mouse traps work great but be careful.


Another proven solution for people who want to know how to prevent rats from eating car wires comes in the form of sticky board rat and mouse traps. The reason these are so nice is that you don’t have to rely on them stepping onto any type of spring-loaded mechanism.


All they have to do is step on it, and their fate is sealed. They’re flat, too, so you can stick them under washing machines and refrigerators and then forget about them.


A dab of peanut butter placed in the center of the sticky board only adds to their effectiveness. You can also put them in the motor compartment or on the floor of your vehicle, but this comes with a caveat.


That is, the sticky stuff on these boards is really nasty stuff. So don’t make the mistake of forgetting about one and putting your foot in it, or worse yet, having one flip over onto your car seat.


Also, for sure, make a point of remembering that it’s under your hood, so you don’t drive to work with it there. Then if you want to experience a real disaster, let your hair get stuck in it. So while they are highly effective, handle them with caution.


Understanding rodent behavior.


If you really want to learn how to get a mouse out of your car or how to prevent rats from eating car wires, you need to think like a rodent. So the first thing you need to understand is early starters have a greater chance of success.


Eradicate them while they’re young and dumb, preferably while they are still babies in the nest. Older rodents are smarter, and that’s not good. Rats and mice love high places, so think about putting some rodent poison and sticky traps up on your roof.


Also, don’t leave loose bags of garbage out. Go out and pick up a nice metal trash can with a tight-fitting lid, and then use a bungee cord stretched from handle to handle, over the top, so little creatures cant wiggle their way in.


Then another thing you need to know is that rats, mice, and squirrels are migratory. So after you eradicate all the little animals in your kill zone, that doesn’t mean that your work is through.


Soon migrating rats, mice, and squirrels in search of happier hunting grounds will discover this newly vacated area with no competitors guarding it, and then they will settle in.


Some final notes:


If you live near grasslands, it’s in the late summer, when their natural food sources become depleted, that rodents become more aggressive in their search for new food sources. Also, if you have a warm place in your heart for these fuzzy little creatures, you need to lose it before your car or truck is ruined by them.

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