Ants are particularly frustrating creatures to have as a visitor to your home, but it is often inevitable that you will?at some point in time?end up with ants in your home or property. An ant infestation is unpleasant and distressing for many people and often it can seem hard to understand how the ants are getting in and where they are coming from, and this can make dealing with any problems particularly difficult. However, it is well known that infestations can have major problems for your health and happiness and, as such, you should always endeavor to get an infestation sorted out early. But do you know how to control ant infestation in your home?

Of course, the easiest and most efficient solution for eradicating and removing an ant infestation in your home is to call out your local team of skilled pest control experts, such as ourselves at Gecko Pest Control.


How Do Ant Colonies Work

While it is always important to control the ants that you see scuttling around your home, the most important thing to do is to prevent more ants from being born; a queen ant will remain entirely within her nest and will produce baby ants at a rate far faster than you can kill them, so a failure to eradicate the queen and/or the nest will leave you fighting a losing battle. If the queen is still around and is still being fed by her workers, she will always continue to lay more eggs and produce more young ants to replace any that you might be lucky enough to get rid of.


How To Control Ant Infestation

Ants Closeup Photo

There are a number of ways in which you can attempt to eradicate the ant infestation in your home, however the first step should always be to locate and destroy the ant nest; without destroying the nest, you will be unable to prevent more ants from being born. Due to the queen ant?s continuous egg-laying work, no matter how many ants you kill in and around your home, there will always be more. Without destroying the nest, you will never be able to win the battle and will always be fruitlessly struggling to destroy an ant infestation that will never cease to continue producing additional backup.

In order to locate the nest, one of the easiest things you can do?something which might seem somewhat counter intuitive?is to leave the invaders in your home and follow the trail of the ants so that they lead you directly back to their nest. This is critical, due to the fact that many ant nests will be concealed behind the smallest of accesses which you may never even be able to find on your own.

Additionally, following the trail of ants will allow you to recognize and mask the scent of the trails which they leave behind when taking food back to the colony?trails which will lead to the most accessible food source in the home: your kitchen.

If you have found the colony then you can, of course, manually destroy the nest and the queen. The easiest method for many people is to leave out bait for the ants; allow the worker ants to carry the poisoned food back to the colony and the queen, and in doing so, you will allow the ants to kill the queen on their own, without much time or energy being required on your part.

And to the prevent the ants from further invading your home or property, here are some tips to bring you closer to a successful ant removal:

  • Keep trash well sealed and changed regularly
  • Keep your home and its surroundings clean from debris and dirt build up
  • Check all external seals for your property to ensure that ants won?t find it easy to gain access into your home
  • Never allow standing water to stay near to your home
  • Clean floors and worktops as regularly as possible
  • Never leave your pet?s food out in its dish if the pet has finished with it?either discard the wasted food or cover it over with film for feeding later

It is always vital that you have patience when you are trying to eradicate an ant infestation, due to the sheer scale of the infestation by the time that it is typically noticed. Especially sizable colonies may take weeks to kill off, and it is for that reason that you need in order to ensure that you aren?t rushing.

Of course, one of the best ways to prevent ant infestations is to keep them out in the first place. Always aim for there to be no food left out anywhere that ants can get to which might be attracting them into your home in the first place, and after this point, you should always check that there are no gaps in your property?s walls and joins through which an ant might be able to gain access to your home.