5 Things You Want to See from Your Ant Control Specialist

If you see ants in your home, you are probably not going to be too pleased about that. Ants are an annoyance, but they’re more harmful than some people realize. They can spread bacteria, and they can also cause allergic reactions in some individuals.

If you’re looking around for an ant control specialist who can get rid of these troublesome invaders, you shouldn’t settle for the first name you find. You’ll want to locate someone who fits the following criteria.


They Should Be Licensed

Regardless of where you live, you’re probably not going to have much trouble finding many candidates to deal with ants or any other pests that enter your home. You may not feel sure who’s best qualified among the exterminators you locate.


The first and probably most vital thing to check is whether the individuals and companies you’re looking at are fully licensed to perform exterminating services. Governing bodies exist that give out exterminating licenses only to qualified companies that meet certain mandatory requirements.


A license indicates this individual and the company for which they work know what they are doing. It’s not just some random person who decided to pick up some poison and call themselves an exterminator.


They Should Be Insured

No one who comes into your house to do any kind of work should lack insurance. That’s true for roofers, plumbers, and electricians, and it is definitely true for exterminators.

Contractors carry insurance because that protects you from any possible lawsuits that they might feel compelled to bring because of their actions. If a contractor has insurance, that will keep you from any financial suffering. You want that insurance police to be in place if the contractor damages your property or causes any kind of injury to you or someone else who’s in your home while the contractor is working.


You should not feel bad about asking the exterminator for proof of insurance when they arrive at your home and start looking into your ant problem. They should have a card, paperwork, or some other evidence that they’re insured and their policy is up to date.


If an exterminator seems reluctant to show you their insurance information or says they don’t have it, that’s a huge red flag. You’re better off going with someone else who’s willing to provide you with proof that they have an active policy. It’s a strong sign that you’re dealing with a responsible person and company.


They Should Be Well Informed

If you talk to an exterminator on the phone about your ant problem, you shouldn’t get the impression that they’re making it up as they go along while talking to you. You may not know all that much about ants or how to get rid of them, but that should be an area of expertise for this person.


When they arrive, you probably don’t want them to talk circles around you and use a lot of technical jargon, but they should at least seem competent. They should have no problems identifying the place from which the ants are coming, and they should have some ideas for getting rid of them that make sense and don’t seem strange or unusual.


Since you are not an exterminator, you probably won’t know whether the actions recommended by the company you hire are standard practice for getting rid of ants. Still, if what they suggest sounds odd or abnormal, you might want to get a second opinion.


The plan the exterminator gives you for getting rid of the ants should seem measured and logical rather than some bizarre scheme that has little chance of success.


They Should Be Friendly and Courteous

You want to only give the job of ant extermination to a company with employees who seem friendly and courteous. If you talk to an employee on the phone, and it seems like they have little interest in speaking to you, that probably means you should give one of the other available exterminators a chance. You’ve chosen this company, and you’re going to pay them if they do the job right. They should be appreciative of that.


If the exterminator shows up and they seem unfriendly or aloof, you can always tell them you’re going with someone else to handle the job. You probably aren’t going to become best friends with the exterminator and invite them over for the holidays, but you should at least get along with them.


For the time the exterminator is in your home and getting rid of your ant problem, they are your employee, and you are their employer. Their attitude should reflect that. If the individual a company sends over doesn’t respect you, and that seems obvious, there’s no need for you to put up with that kind of behavior.


They Should Have the Tools for the Job

You also wouldn’t want to hire any kind of contractor who doesn’t have the skill set and tools for the job at hand. That applies to exterminators, just as it would for any other kind of work you’re having done to your house.


Maybe you find an exterminator who seems friendly, and the price they quote you sounds good as well. However, they say they don’t have the tools or equipment necessary to do the job right away. Maybe they’re waiting on a shipment of poison they’re going to spray that will repel the ants, and they won’t get it in for a couple of weeks.


Nobody likes to live with pests, so this should be a high-priority job. You probably don’t want to wait any longer than necessary before getting rid of them.


Everything else about this exterminator might seem great, but if they don’t show up ready to do the job immediately, go with someone else. You need a company that will deal with the issue the same day and won’t give you a vague promise about coming back at some point down the line.