Most of us are familiar ? all too frightened and familiar ? with wasps and hornets. Many fear bees as well, but bees tend to mind their own business most of the time. We all know that hornets and wasps are only motivated by something else altogether.


It is important to understand the difference between bees, hornets and wasps. Bees are fuzzy, flying pests with yellow and black stripes. The honeybee and the bumblebee are two common types of bees, and sheer size can see the bumblebee. Enormous and fluffy, it is very different from wasps and hornets.


Hornets and wasps have a similar body type to bees, but the major difference is in both size and color. Wasps are about a third of an inch to one inch long. While Hornet vs. wasp,, hornet are greater. Wasps have black and yellow ring colors, while Hornets have black and white. While all three have their purpose (wasps and hornets eat other insects and bees work to pollinate our plants), they can all be dangerous due to their venom.


WaspsHornets and wasps are much more dangerous than bees because they will not die after they sting ? and they will keep hurting if it is their intention. They remain a much larger threat than a usual bee.


Wasps will build nests, typically out of finely chewed bits of wood and other material. They usually build them under eaves or ledges under some shade. Watch out for these nests in the earlier stages, as you can save yourself and your family a lot of grief. Wasps can put a damper on the summer season.


It is especially true if you experience a wasp sting. Seek quick medical help if you are stung multiple times, stung near the mouth or throat, or experience severe swelling. Immediately ask for help if your small children are getting stings ? remember: wasp stings can be life-threatening if not treated carefully. So always make sure you have your wasp trap ready at all times.


Typically, you can use store-bought materials such as traps and sprays to get rid of wasps around your home or properly. Do not attempt to get rid of these dangerous guests, especially if you have a nest or other growing infestation because it can be medically dangerous for you and your family ? even fatal. For the best pest control in Yuba City, Gecko Pest Services is the expert team that you need to rid your home of these evil parasites.


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