HSBO is a live chat services provider which specializes in offering high quality live chat services for HVAC, plumbing, and residential home service providers. We were lucky enough to get in early and this article will cover how it works and how it worked for us.

HSBO offers an outsourced solution for live chat on your website… Essentially they are improving your visitor’s overall customer service experience, thereby working to generate new, valuable leads.

The best thing about HSBO is their 30 day free trial. You can try it out for 30 days and see how many leads they can get for you.

How Live Chat Works for Home Service Companies

The HSBO live chat system works to generate new leads for those HVAC and plumbing service providers by offering visitors to the business? website with high quality, immediate support and help. 77% of website visitors claim that they prefer having access to live chat services because of the immediate answers to questions that live chat services offer, and this means that many people nowadays consider live chat to be the most efficient method of communicating with a business. As such, by being able to provide 24/7 live chat services for their clients, a business will theoretically be able to generate more leads and, therefore, get more clients and income.

Here’s a sampling of the leads they generate for us. Identifying information has been blocked out. We get address, phone number, customer name, etc… sent instantly via TXT message and e-mail.

What Times Are Covered By The Live Chat Services?

The HSBO live chat services are available for visitors to HVAC and plumbing websites between the hours of 8AM and Midnight PST. The live chat services allow a business to generate more leads for their services, and these leads are forwarded onto a business through the use of both Email and SMS services.

How Are The Live Chat Agents Selected?

The live chat agents for the HSBO live chat services are selected from only the very best applicants, meaning that a website owner can be confident that they will be provided with the highest quality live chat services possible. Of all of the applicants for a position, HSBO claim that only about 1% are recruited after a rigorous testing procedure, in order to ensure that their live chat agents are knowledgeable and skilled.

Live chat agents are tested on a number of skills during the application process, with an applicant?s language skills and speed of typing both being assessed carefully. This means that the live chat agents for HSBO?s live chat services are all highly skilled and professional, serving to ensure that every visitor who opens a live chat will be cared for with the highest standard of live chat services possible.

The live chat agents for the HSBO live chat service are renowned for the fact that they live and work in Silicon Valley (officially known as Guadalajara in Mexico), which is widely considered to be the most ?tech savvy? region in the world, due to the incredibly high number of technology based companies that are found and run from the area.

HSBO?s live chat agents are trained specifically in order to help a specific business, and every agent is guided and taught in that business? operational processes. Starting with input directly from the business owner itself, the agents will then gradually grow in independence so that they can provide live chat services that are incredibly accurate without the need for additional guidance.

How Effective Is The Live Chat At Generating Leads?

HSBO claims that their live chat services are particularly efficient at generating leads, but how good are HSBO?s live chat services really? The average website can expect to see between 3 and 5 solid leads for every 100 visitors who use the website, meaning that the use of the HSBO live chat services can be incredibly beneficial in regards to building up a new client base and getting more work for a HVAC or plumbing company.

What Separates HSBO From Other Service Providers?

There are two main competitors to HSBO: Ruby Receptionists and Apex Chat. But how does HSBO compare to these two individual companies?

HSBO vs Ruby Receptionists

For a HVAC and plumbing specialist company, HSBO is the far superior choice for live chat support and services, as Ruby Receptionists do not specialize directly in HVAC and plumbing; this means that the services offered by HSBO far superior to those services offered by Ruby Receptionists. Moreover, Ruby Receptionists charged $12.45; HSBO only charge for a lead, and at just $13 per lead, this is clearly a far more affordable option in the longer term.

HSBO vs Apex Chat

HSBO and Apex Chat both specialize in providing live chat services and agents for HSBO and plumbing companies, but the major difference between the two lies with the price for their services. Both companies only charge for leads, meaning that you won?t have to pay for a chat which doesn?t result in a sale or order, however, the price for HSBO?s services is vastly cheaper, and at a set rate. HSBO?s services are priced at $13 per lead; Apex Chat?s services are much more expensive, with individual leads ranging in price fromr $18 to $35. This is because Apex Chat charges different prices for different leads, whereas HSBO has a set rate of $13 no matter the nature of the services that a lead orders.

How Do I Add HSBO Live Chat Services To My Website?

Adding a HSBO live chat to your website is actually an incredibly easy process. A website owner merely needs to add a little chunk of pre written and supplied code to the <body> tag of their website, on every single page. Once the website has then been published with the new code, the live chat will be available for use by website visitors. For those website owners who struggle with website coding and customization themselves, HSBO offer free installation services for their live chat code.

Are you interested in learning more about HSBO and their live chat services for HVAC and plumbing companies? websites? Visit their website at https://www.hsbo.com/ to discover more about their live chat support and services.