All pest inspections have one clear goal – to look for signs of infestation and make a note of the findings. Like all simple tasks, however, the devil is in the details. While most home inspections are done to satisfy the worried curiosity of the homeowner, some pest controls have other goals. Local and state municipalities may require periodic inspection for zoning or community safety. Insurance firms may need them to guarantee coverage. Real-estate companies often make them a requirement for property sales. Whether compelled by law or health concerns a proper inspection should be revealing and comprehensive. Those criteria are likely the best incentives for having the inspection done by a professional. Though a lay person’s examination may be thorough, there’s nothing like the informed view of the seasoned pro.


There are essentially three types of inspections. There is the pre-inspection, usually taken before some major renovation, improvement or maintenance. There is the evaluative investigation (something of a misnomer), which they are going to do at any time and only establishes a baseline of the property’s ‘state of being.’ Finally, there’s the review inspection, which evaluates a complete job, determining whether they did the work properly or not. In regards to natural and organic pest control in Marysville, we’ll concentrate on the pre-inspection, which is of vital importance for the pest control company to do its job.


Most pre-inspections have a few basic tasks they must accomplish. Their general goal is it to provide enough information for a plan of attack. The Gecko Pest Control company, which serves Chico, CA, and surrounding areas (such as Marysville, California), has a usual pre-inspection, that does an excellent job of collecting the relevant data. They look at the field of infestation and examine it for signs of pest activity. If for example, the company was looking for termites, they’d know to look for mud tubes and their tell-tale fluted appearance. It would distinguish an infestation from dry rot or other wood damage. They also can alter these termite ‘super-highways’ to see if the activity is recent or not.


Applying that level of diligence to determine the presence, or non-presence, of any pest infestation, requires Gecko Pest Control Company to look both inside and outside the dwellings. They also look over the expansive grounds, checking for signs of massive infestation or early-warning indicators. Their comprehensive approach results in a detailed plan, specifically tailored to the client and their circumstances. Their goal is to eradicate the pests, as well as have a way to prevent their returning.


Gecko is a family owned business. They represent the best of organic pest control Marysville companies. Natural pest control is a well thought out process for them. They provide a full range of organic pest control options. They use the least toxic chemicals possible. Many of their products fall below conventional ammonia and bleach regarding danger levels. When they do use stronger chemicals, they monitor them diligently, to make sure no hazard in the home and that family and pets are safe.