Did you know that arachnophobia is one of the most common fears in the U.S.A and around the world? You undoubtedly do at least several people that scream whenever they see a spider. The truth is that nobody likes to see more than one or two of them in his or her home as that usually signals a possible infestation. It can easily be solved by calling a spider control service, but let’s take a look at what you can do to keep this creature out of your home.


Avoid Cluttering Basements and Garages

Spiders are always looking for those sections of the house where they can go unnoticed. If you have a basement, attic, or a garage, there are two things you need to do. The first is to visit it regularly so that you can kill a spider or two if they appear before they turn into a bunch of creatures with their webs everywhere around you. The second thing to do is to keep these rooms clutter-free as much as possible. We advise you to use plastic containers to use shoes and clothes, as well as to shake them before putting them in the washing machine or wearing them.


Small Cracks May Cause Big Problems

Even a tiny hole in the window may be enough for these persistent creatures to find their way into your home. Perform an inspection of your home’s exterior for any cracks that may be caused by temperature and weather changes.


Spider Silhouette

Do Not Bring Them in Yourself

Do you want a simple pest control tip that always works? Make sure to check any bags or boxes that you are bringing to your home to ensure that a spider isn’t hiding in them. It is especially crucial if somebody leaves you a box on the doorstep while you are away. Also, if you have a habit of temporarily placing grocery bags on the driveway when unloading makes sure not to do that anymore. Even a couple of seconds is enough for pests to find their way in and get into your house.


Make Sure No Branches Are Touching Your House

We do not pay much attention do this, but the truth is that branches that touch the exterior of your home are an ideal opportunity for pests to enter. In fact, if you combine that with an open window, it’s like giving them an open invitation to come in. It shouldn’t take too much time for you to cut those branches and ensure that spiders and other pests do not have a way in.


Occasionally Check Your Home for Spiders

You should do this at least once a week and maybe even twice. If you notice any spiders, make sure to kill them immediately so that their friends don’t come over, too. Also, try to find out how they could have gotten into that area. Check the tips above and see whether you can discover their entrance and do something to prevent them from entering there the next time.


Call a Professional

If you see that spiders continually appear in your home, perhaps it is time to call pest control service. Find a reliable provider in your area and call their experienced team to help you get rid of spiders, rodents, and all other pests.