There is one room in your house that is obviously the most likely to bring in pests. It is also the one that you more than likely want to keep pests out of the most. It is your kitchen. Your kitchen is the place where you store the food that you and your family eat. In most homes, the kitchen is the main source of activity. Most gatherings that individuals have tend to take place in the kitchen. It is critical that this area of your home remain pest free. Here are five ways you can perform pests control in your kitchen.



The first thing that you can do to prevent pests in your kitchen is to keep it clean. Pests like areas that are not clean. Make sure that all of the surfaces are wiped down at least once daily. Make sure that spills are cleaned up as soon as possible. Don?t leave dishes laying around your kitchen. You want to make sure that there is not a source of food for these pests laying around. If you leave food laying around, it won?t be long before the pests follow.



Seal Everything

It is always better to try and prevent an issue from occurring rather than having to deal with that issue later. Once the pests come in, you will have to call in a company to get rid of them. Luckily, there are steps that you can take before having to face off with these pests. Seal the windows and doors that lead into your kitchen. You should also seal the floors and the walls. Seal any way that a pest can make their way into your home. You should also consider putting all of your leftover food, or food in general, in a container that is sealed.


Freeze It

Likely, you have never had a major issue with pests in your freezer. This is because pests are not fond of the cold. So, for this reason, the freezer tends to be your best bet when you want to store food. You can store any type of produce you stock up on, like your sugar, in your freezer. You can store a little bit in a sealed container outside of the freezer and pull more out when needed. This is one way that you can prevent pests from getting into your food.


Cover the Food

You shouldn?t leave your pet’s bowls lying around. These are a huge reason that pests end up inside of a home. Only take the pet bowls out with the pets are eating. Any time that your pets are not eating, make sure that their food and water dishes are covered up. You should also consider placing plastic beneath where they eat in order to keep things clean. This makes cleaning up after they eat much easier and can be your best friend when trying to prevent pests.


If you find that you do have a pest problem, Gecko Pest Management services can help. These services can help provide advice on the best ways to prevent pests as well. Sometimes the best defense is a really good offense.