Natural pest control services are becoming more popular these days.?With the rising concern for our environment, it is no wonder why.?Businesses have to keep up with the topics there customers care about, or they risk losing business.?They also want to ensure that their children have a place to live in fifty years.?Let?s face it, we?re not quite ready to pack up and live on the moon yet. The best course of action is to simply take care of what we have.


Using natural pest control, rather than chemical pest control methods, comes with many benefits.?This type of pest control uses biological materials in order to reduce and manage pest infestations. This method of controlling pest is based on the belief that nature can maintain a healthy balance as long as human activities stay out of the way. There are good insects that will control the population of the pests.?We learned all about it in the Lion King. Because of this method of raising predators to take care of the pests, Natural pest control methods can take care of your pest problems without harming you or your gardens. The predators typically only target the pests.


Natural pest control also has few to no effects on the overall health of human beings and / or livestock. It is also extremely environmentally friendly. Natural pest control methods is best when used in places or residences where livestock and pests seem to co-inhabit the facility.?This method is proven to be safe and effective for customers.


Natural pest control methods are typically more effective than synthetic chemical methods.?Chemical pest control methods can harm the insects you want to keep and have negative impacts on our environment.?Natural pest control methods are typically organic methods that continue to be effective long after they are initially introduced.


Because Natural pest control methods have a longer life span, they are typically cost effective.?This is because the method needs little to no reintroduction.?Chemical pest control methods must have to be reintroduced over and over, causing more and more damage to the crops and environment.?Natural pest control methods only have to be applied once, making them safer and easier to use.?Infants and children are both very sensitive to the health risks imposed by synthetic methods.?Here are some chemical free alternatives that you can try at home, in order to keep your family, your environment, and your gardens safe from harmful chemicals and pests.


We all know how annoying it can be to find ants in your house.?Sometimes, it seems no matter how much we clean, they just keep coming.?You can wash away invisible trails of food with a vinegar cleanser.?All you do is mix ? cup vinegar, 2 cups of water, and then add about 10 to 15 drops of peppermint or clove.?You can also prevent them from reaching your cupboards by sprinkling cinnamon or cayenne pepper across their trails.


Fleas are also annoying.?First they get on the pets, then they get on the kids, and before we know it everyone is covered in flea bites.?The first thing you can do is go buy some cedar oil shampoo and flee ? killing diatomaceous earth.?Bathe your pet with shampoo, and sprinkle the other stuff on all of the carpets in your home.?Brush the stuff into your carpet, wait four days, and then vacuum.


For moths and weevils you can place a cinnamon stick or bay leaf inside the flour, past or grains.?This is because the strong smell of these spices repels the insects without affecting the taste of your food in any way. For house flies you can place crushed mint, bay leaf, clove, or eucalyptus around your house.?You can also google how to make your own flypaper and use it.?For moths you can wrap cedar blocks in cheesecloth and place it near your clothes.?Dried lemon peels are also excellent at keeping moths at bay. Silverfish enjoy it damp and warm.?You are likely to find these pests in your kitchen and/or bathroom.?In order to get rid of them, you can vacuum the area.?You need to get rid of the food particles and pest eggs.?Then dust the area with diatomaceous earth.?If this doesn?t work, just trap them in a glass jar and wrap the top with tape so they are stuck.