If you are concerned about exposure to chemicals when you need pest control there are several great natural pest control remedies that you can use.


Natural Pest Control Remedies ImageHomemade Pest Remedies

Here are some homemade pest remedies that you can employ for different pests.

  • For your garden, try mixing up mint, garlic, cayenne pepper, a drop of dishwashing soap like dawn. Mix the mint and garlic in a food processor, add a bit of cayenne pepper and drop of dishwashing soap bring it to a boil then let sit overnight. Strain the next morning into a spray bottle and apply to your garden to keep it pest free.
  • For ants, use a mixture of borax and sugar. To make this use 1/2 cup sugar, 1 cup very warm water and 2 tablespoons Borax then place in the path of the ants and your ant problem is done. This solution will kill the ants.
  • To trap fruit flies, take an empty shaker bottle such as a spice jar; clean it out, add a ? inch of apple cider vinegar. If you do not have apple cider vinegar white vinegar with some apple slice pieces in the bottom works just as well. Put the shaker lid on it and set it where the fruit flies are such as a kitchen counter near the garbage can. This will attract the fruit flies and trap them.
  • Get rid of aphids from the garden. Use tin foil and banana peels. You can place chopped up banana peels around the base of your plants under the soil. You can also place tin foil around the base of the plants in place of the banana peels. The sun heating the foil will keep aphids away.
  • Wish to keep deer out of your garden and from feeding on your trees? Take this mixture; 20% fresh eggs and 80% water place in a blender and blend. Place that in a spray bottle and spray your plants and tree leaves closest to the level the deer can reach. You will need to clean the spray a few times during application as the eggs tend to plug it up but it will keep deer out of your garden and away from your trees.


Getting Professional Help

There may be times you need professional help.


There are several names you can trust.


These professionals will come in and use several types of methods to catch and kill pests in your gardens and homes.


These professional companies employ chemical sprays, traps, and other methods safely; so if the homemade remedies are helping but not totally getting rid of the pests it is time to call the professionals.



There are plenty of home remedies you can employ to rid your garden and house of pests.


However, there will be times you need to call professional pest control in.