Earwigs may at first appear to be dangerous due to the fact that they have dangerous looking pincers coming out of their abdomen. However, this is a common misconception about the insect. Their forceps can grab your finger if you agitate one, but these insects do not sting and are not really dangerous. There is no venom inside the insect, so they are not actually poisonous. Bed bugs and mosquitoes are known to injure individuals by biting them. Other insects can sting. Earwigs are unable to sting. Sometimes, if they pinch you it can cause slight irritation and may even break the skin. The best way to treat a scratch caused by an earwig is to clean it with antibiotic clean in order to keep out the infection. There are no known emergency type injuries that have ever been caused by earwigs.


While these insects may not be harmful to humans directly, they can quickly become a garden pest. This is because some of them prefer to eat young plants. They can quickly become a pest in or outside the home, wherever your plants are. Earwig problems can be very irritating. They are typically found in the saucer of a plant pots because this is where water drains out through the soil of the plant. They enjoy wet and dark areas, and this location is the perfect spot for them. Sometimes, they will feed on vegetation that is decaying and has been washed through the pot.


Removing earwigs aren?t overly complicated. In fact, if you accidently bring them into your home and discover that you have an earwig infestation, the first steps are rather simple. The first thing you are going to want to do is to take the pot back outside and shake out any of the insects outside. Once you have done this, you should look at the plant soil in order to see if their or more of the insects or eggs. If you find any, remove them. You should also check around the edges of your carpet in order to ensure none of these bugs are there either. You can remove them by vacuuming them up, but make sure to change the bag once you are finished.


Earwig treatment is actually a pretty simple process. The best thing that you can do to defend your home against the insects is prevention. The first thing you want to consider is that earwigs tend to prefer staying in an area that is moist and located near vegetation that is decaying. This means your best method of control is to ensure that they are unable to find this type of environment near your home. You want to ensure that soil drains away from your house rather than near it. This reduces the amount of saturated soil that will be found near your home. You can also ensure that you are not overwatering the soil. Overwatering your plants causes conditions to be created that earwigs are attracted too. You should also remove any decaying vegetation from near your home and treat anything that needs to be treated around your home to keep insects away. If you are still unsure how to get rid of Earwigs, it may be time to call in the professionals. A professional pest control company can provide you with natural earwig pest control services that will keep the insects out but not harm you or anyone else residing in your home.