Even if you maintain your home spotless, you can still have pest issues that arise from factors like the climate, the bug’s cycle of life, and others.

You have seen ants or roaches, or what you think are ants or insects, but are they one?

Is that can of spray the right choice for the pest you have just seen slithering across your counter or kitchen floor?


Things That Affect Bug Life

Certain things can change the life of bugs:

? Environmental concerns such as drought, an extended period of high temperatures or humidity. Droughts can bring critters and bugs indoors looking for water just has high temperatures can bring some in looking for colder places.

? The cycle of the bug itself, some bugs will be “normal” for years, and then after six or seven years there might be an explosion, or so it seems when their population is doubled.

So what are you to do during situations like the above?


Hassle Free, Less Expensive Way

Instead of wasting money on sprays, traps, and poisons, call the professionals like Geko Pest Control.

They will come out, precisely inspect to determine what pests you have and the best way to deal with those pests to rid your home of them.

Once the pros have been in and gotten rid of the problem you can then do things in the home to make sure that the problem stays gone.


Tips to Discourage Further Infestations

A few inexpensive tips that you can follow to prevent new outbreaks are listed below.

? Do seasonal inspections: simply check for cracks or holes in screens, windows or doors that do not close entirely or have cracks around them where insects such as spiders, ants, or mosquitos could come in; if you find any close them up with the appropriate material such as patches on screens, etc.

? Check your chimney if you do not have a cover to keep critters such as squirrels or birds out purchase one at your local hardware store after you measure the chimney opening. If you do have one, check it to make sure it is fitting snuggly, does not have issues such as rusted out spots.

? Make sure there are is no standing water or puddles of water outside or inside the basement or under the crawl space of the house to attract mice, ants, and other insects.

? Remove wood piles and or debris which will attract ants and other insects.

? Trim tree limbs and branches away from your home and keep them trimmed back as well as your shrubs; which is another great place for spiders to live as well as a bridge for ants to find entry into your home.

Last schedule regular yearly or biyearly visits from your professional pest removal company.