Rats have had some misconceptions in the past. They have been labelled as pest, and others classify them as pets. Other times people confuse the different types. Depending on the species of rat they will have different characteristics and behavior patterns. It’s time to chuck out those old ideas of what you think you might know about rats, and get the cold hard facts. The most common two rats you would come in contact with is the Norway rats and roof rats. While the Norway rat is on the smaller end coming in at around 11 grams, the roof rat can be as large at 200 grams if not more.

Rats sideview

It is hard to avoid speaking about mice when you think about rats because in many ways people see similar creatures. One question you might have always wondered is a mouse a rodent? Yes, mice and rats are both rodents. Their teeth characterize it. The upper and lower incisors are continuously growing, and this is one feature that all rodents share.

Misconceptions about rats

One misconception many people have about rats is that they are dirty. It is very false. Rats are in fact very clean. They often will clean themselves more than the average cat. The house rat can even be littered trained. It completely blows the myth that they are infected rodents out the window.


One worry people have about rats is that they bite and can spread diseases. These are both false statements. While in the past rats had been blamed for spreading the bubonic plague, they weren’t the primary cause. Fleas were. Cats, dogs, and rats were just carried by which insects had spread the disease to them. As far as biting, the common rat isn’t big on biting. They can if they feel threatened, but most of the time you are more likely to be bitten by a mouse.


Pet or not, rats have had lots of bad press over time. They are surely not something you want living in your house as a pest. While cats might be an excellent way to catch mice around your home, they won’t be an effective way to keep rats at bay. If you want to find one of these pesky rodents, set traps that contain meat or peanut butter. You won’t be catching them with cheese. It is another popular misconception. If you notice a rat living in your home, it’s time to set the traps. Often if you see one rat, there will be more than one in the area, so it is the best use a few traps. If you are having problems getting rid of these rodents, it might be time to call your local pest control.