Labels can be crucial for those with allergies or severe conditions such as celiac disease. Even more important, those labels on chemicals need to be read and considered carefully. More than allergies, make sure that you do not use dangerous chemicals around your family and pets. To avoid harming those in your harm, educate yourself about the signal words on pesticides.


Pesticide Signal WordsThere are several important types of information found on a pesticide label. There is necessary information such as the trade and product name, the kind of pesticide, active ingredients, the type of formulation, and information about where it is registered and the registration number. Make sure to carefully read this information, as it also includes directions for use, the degree of hazard it can present. At this point, there are signal words that have been outlined in the Pest Control Products Regulations.


Three essential symbols and signals words showcase the potential hazards of pesticides. The lowest danger has a signal word of ?CAUTION.? It is shown with an upside-down triangle. These are called poison, and it will irritate by oral, skin, and inhalation routes. Skull and crossbones will be the identifiers. A diamond shape indicates a moderate hazard, and the signal word is ?WARNING.? It is a corrosive pesticide, and it is harmful to the eyes and skin, causing chemical burns. They are typically an acid, but can also be an alkali (or caustic). It is also symbolized by a handed being dipped into a cylindric container, characterized by a skeleton hand.


The second-most hazardous pesticide has ?DANGER? for a signal word. This type of pesticide is flammable and has a low flash point, which means that it is easily ignited. It is shown with an octagonal shape, also with a symbol resembling flames. Lastly, the most dangerous pesticides have the signal word of ?DANGER,? which is appropriate. These are explosives, which of course mean that these pesticides can explode, especially those in pressurized cans.


Always check the label for any special warnings that include eye or skin hazards. The front panel of a can or container of pesticide contains the crucial information that tells you whether a product is corrosive to the eyes, or is an irritant to the skin or eyes. Reading the label and making a more educated decision about the pesticides that you bring into or around your home.


At Gecko Pest Control, our customers? safety is important. We care about each client that we serve and want your family and pets to remain safe as chemicals or other methods are used to exterminate a pest infestation. We understand that there are various levels of pesticides, and each one is inspected for the key signal words that are placed on the label to reference its safety. The products used by Gecko are signaled with ?caution.? Safety is our number one priority. After your home is rid of pests, you will be able to live comfort in a clean and safe environment.


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