While most spiders prefer to reside outside of your home, no one likes it when they decide to move into the house. This is even true for the spiders that are harmless. Getting rid of spiders is easiest when they are kept out to begin with, but when they do get inside your home you still want them gone. There are natural things that you can use at home in order to remove them from your home without hurting the spider and without harming your family. These solutions utilize items you can find at home and provide a situation in which no one gets hurt.


1. Mint Mint leaf min

Spiders, like most individuals, cannot stand peppermint. This means that peppermint is an easy way that you can keep or drive spiders out of your home. All you have to do is get a spray bottle and fill it with peppermint scented essential oil. Mix in some water. Once you are done, you can spray it around your home. The spiders will leave and stay out. The truth is that mint can be used to keep a variety of different pests outside.

2. Cleaning Products

Ok, so you are not going to actually use the cleaning products to remove the spiders from your home, but using them to clean your house can help keep them out of your home once you are gone. If you keep your house free of dust and cob webs and keep it clean, they?re not likely to move in. You also want to remove clutter and vacuum. This removes the conditions in which the pest may find suitable to live in.


3. Vinegar

Vinegar is also a well-known spider repellent. In fact, vinegar can be used for many things at home. The process works a lot like with the peppermint oil. Get a spray bottle and mix water and vinegar together. Once you have done this, go around and spray the cracks in your home. This will drive them out and keep them out.


4. Your Pet

If you have a cat, you should know that their really good at keeping spiders out. The moment that they see one crawling around, the natural hunter is going to come out and they are going to begin stalking their prey. Not only will this remove the spiders from your home, but it can also be extremely entertaining to watch.


Citrus tree min5. Citrus

Do you have any citrus at home? Spiders are repulsed by anything containing citrus. All you have to do is take a citrus peel and rub it on an area that you know the spiders like to hangout (bookshelves, baseboards, corners). This will keep them from coming back. If you have lemon scented furniture polish, that works just as well.


6. Cedar

While this may not be found around your house, you may have gardens on the outside of your home. Once you have removed the spiders from your home, placing cedar mulch around your home can keep them from coming back in. This is because they hate cedar. You can also use cedar hangers and furniture made of cedar to keep them out of your house. You can place cedar shaving in closets or drawers to drive them out of those areas as well.