Did you know that rodents?carry at least 35 diseases?

If you have a rodent infestation in your commercial building or educational institute, then every person who comes through the door of your building is at risk of contracting some of these diseases.

And that includes children.

Even if you don’t see any rodents, that doesn’t mean there isn’t an infestation.



Eliminate A Rodent Infestation Quickly


Once you begin to see the tell-tale signs of infestation: droppings, gnawing damage, burrows and/or strange holes in a room, you know you’ve got a rodent infestation on your hands.

So what can you do? Follow these five tips to help eliminate it and avoid further infestations.


1. Avoid Poison

Your first inclination might be to run to the store and get some mouse or rat poison. But this?isn’t the best plan?of attack.

Mice and rats become resistant to such products and cats or dogs that eat one of those poisoned rodents will also be poisoned.

You could try planting or placing natural herbs – like bay leaves or mint – near the windows and doors of your building. Rodents are deterred by these.

But your best bet is to?call in a professional?who can handle the situation without putting children or other animals at risk.


2. Keep The Building Sealed

It doesn’t have to be like Fort Knox.

But a door propped open for even a few minutes might be all it takes for a rodent to zip into your building. And if you insist on having windows open, keep in mind even the tiniest hole in a screen is a wide open invitation to rodents.

If there’s a door or window that won’t close all the way, or has a gap between the window and the frame, seal it with hardware cloth or steel wool.


3. Inspect Your Foundation

Along with keeping those windows and entryways sealed, you’ll need to seal any holes or cracks in your foundation that are bigger than 1/4 inch. Rodents are notorious wigglers.

They’re also notorious chewers. So be sure you’re using sheet metal or something very sturdy through which they cannot chew.


4. Keep It Clean

Rodents are always on the lookout for food and water. And they choose their homes based on the availability of these two commodities.

By keeping your building clean – floors swept, garbage cleared, all foods properly stored and sealed, etc. – rodents are far less likely to want to call it home.

This includes maintaining the outside as well.

Keeping the lawn cut low and vegetation thinned out means that smaller rodents won’t have any place to hide.


5. Clear the Clutter

Falling in line with keeping your building clean is getting rid of clutter – both inside and outside. Any place you have excess material that’s just sitting around is going to be appealing to rodents.

Especially if these things are in a storage area or along an outside wall.

To avoid a rodent infestation, get rid of any of the following:

  • Boxes of unused items you want to get rid of or sell
  • Stacks of magazines, newspapers, or other papers
  • Cans, bottles or any other containers for food
  • Old unused furniture collecting dust

All of these are havens for rodents seeking a place to call home.

Also, be particularly mindful about keeping anything in cardboard on the floor. Rodents will happily chew right through it.



Need Immediate Help?


If you suspect a rodent infestation in your building, don’t waste any time. Your first order of business is to?get a professional?in to take care of it.

Then once you have everything under control, you now have the know-how to keep it under control. Feel free to share with us below.

If you’re looking for pest control in the Sacramento or Elk Grove area, check out our friends at Pest Control Pros!