At Gecko Pest Control, we have a few options available for our customers to get rid of pests. While we love having organic and all-natural solutions possible, some of our customers want to know without a shadow of a doubt; the pests are gone. We are pleased to provide a wide range of pest management services. Please take a look at our pest control solutions available to residential, commercial, and landlord customers.


Pest Management Services

Getting rid of pests starts with the application of a product that can deter or kill a pest. In traditional pest management, a chemical pesticide is sprayed around the house, and pesticides can be sprayed around the perimeter. The difference between preventative maintenance is the type of product used. At Gecko Pest Control, we have three primary services offered.

    • Organic Natural. The organic natural is for customers that only want 100% natural and organic products used on their properties. From inside sprays to what’s used in the yard, it is completely safe and made from all-natural organic products. Typically the Organic Natural is a deterrent for pests using essential oils and natural materials like rosemary and mint that keep bugs and insects at bay. The biggest downside to this method is that over time the effects may lessen.


    • Organic-Hybrid. With the Organic-Hybrid, customers get both traditional pesticides and organic all-natural products. Inside, homes receive organic products that are 100% safe around humans and pets. However, outside the home, conventional pest control methods are used. We will place baits around the yard that can keep many of the common bugs and insects at bay.


  • Smart Choice. Arguably the most popular service for those that are bug-a-phobes, we use highly effective chemical pesticides to protect our customer’s properties. Our Smart Choice pest control program is also more economical, and perfect for those that are on a budget or those that desire a full proof method for stopping common pests from infesting homes and businesses.


Why Is The Smart Choice Program A Smart Choice?

At Gecko Pest Control, we allow our customers to choose which method of pest control is right for their needs and budget. With our custom pest solutions, there is never a worry that your property isn’t protected. With the Smart Choice program, our chemical pesticides have been proven effective against ants, roaches, and many others. Before selecting any service, our technician will do a property walkthrough. This will identify problem areas as well as any active infestations. We will then make a recommendation for any treatments needed to eliminate the problems and get your home or business pest-free.

For preventative treatments, it doesn’t get better than our Smart Choice program. While yes, it lacks the organic element that many may want, but we do have those available with our other programs the Organic Natural or our Organic Hybrid. With a Smart Choice service, we guarantee you’ll be pest-free for up to 90-days. If any pests return, we will too.

If you are concerned with using traditional chemical pesticides in your home, the Smart Choice program might not be for you. However, our products are entirely safe to use around humans and pets inside and outside the property. It’s natural to have questions about what pest control solution you should be using. If you do, feel free to talk to our technicians. We are more than happy to answer questions or make recommendations for the perfect services to meet your needs.