How To Get Rid of Spider Mites Indoors


Spider mites are persistent and insidious plant pests. They’re selective when they feed on your crop. So their favorites are tender new tips and the new emerging pistils when flowers begin to appear.


They multiply very quickly. So by the time you realize that you have a problem on your hands, it can often be too late because the damage has been done.


So the winning strategy when deciding how to get rid of spider mites is to attack them early. This way, they can’t get a foothold in the springtime and early summer months, and if you have landscaping around your home, so you need to go all in.


This is because if you don’t have an effective treatment plan, they can reproduce faster than you can kill them. Also, if you plan on using any of the organic treatments you can find online, you may as well put up a surrender flag night now.


None of them will work to completely exterminate spider mites from your grow room. So if you really want to know how to get rid of spider mites indoors completely, keep on reading.

Why are spider mites such a problem now?


The past decade has been a cause for celebration if you are a spider mite. This is because all the new hybrids, with all their delicious-sounding names like cookies and other assorted fruity names like blueberries and such, have had their natural resistance to insects bred out of them.


All the mad scientists who created them focused solely on potency, flavor, and perhaps color to a certain degree. They didn’t have to be concerned with natural insect resistance because they were doing all their work in sealed, sterile rooms.


A good analogy is dog breeding. Poodles Trace their origins back to dogs that lived in the wild. They were hardy and healthy animals that never got sick. But after generations of selective breeding to create a fluffy little dog that sells well on the market, it is now a sickly creature.


Breeders had to sideline their concerns regarding their natural resistance to diseases as a trade-off for all the other things that were desirable in the cute fluffy dog.


Can a plant recover from spider mites?


So there you are, surveying the damage they have done to your crop, and the big question running through your mind is can a plant recover from spider mites?


They reproduce exponentially, so the few bugs that made it into your room in the early stages caused no noticeable problem. Your plants were thriving and smelled fantastic.


But every few days, their population doubled. So now, just as you were hoping to see some early flowers appear, they have doubled time and again to the point where now you are dealing with trillions, and they’re all sucking the juices out of the most delicate areas of your plants.


So the simple answer to, can a plant recover from spider mites? Is yes. But this is only if you eradicate them early on. This is because once you have caught them in the late stages, close to flowering, the damage is done.


Just like asking a person who is recovering from a severe auto crash to run a marathon with you, they just don’t have the strength and the stored energy to produce flowers.


Sure they will produce some spindly flowers, but nowhere near the quality, you were expecting.


How to get rid of spider mites everywhere.


The first thing you need to understand is it spider mites during the spring and summer months are all around you. So you need to know how to get rid of spider mites everywhere if you plan on keeping your indoor project free of them completely.


Starting from inside your home or apartment and moving out towards the front door, look around to see if there is anything that will harbor spider mites. So for the serious grower, house plants are out of the question.


Get rid of all of them, and if you miss looking at them, there are very lovely fake plants available now. Then if you have pets that go in and out of your home or apartment, they need a good quality flea collar and their bedding treated with good quality insecticide.


Never allow pets into your grow room. Then go out and buy a good garden sprayer and treat your entire yard top to bottom with a good quality pesticide like Judo.


Get ready because this stuff isn’t cheap, but the more you read about it, the more you will like it. Its only downside, though, is that you can’t spray it on your crop.

How to get rid of spider mites in your greenhouse or room.


After all, the spider mite reinforcements that were hunkered down in your house plants and around your yard are gone it’s time to focus on eliminating every one of them in your room or greenhouse.


You need something that’s going to kill every one of them in there, and that something comes in the form of Nuvan pest strips. Perhaps you have already heard about people hanging them in their grow room or greenhouse to help keep pests at bay.


They will do that, but the title of this report is how to get rid of spider mites. You want to eliminate them entirely and do it quickly. So go online and order up a few packages of Nuvan pest strips, but don’t hang them up.


What you’re going to do is cut a sizable chunk off of one of the yellow strips and then place it on a piece of aluminum foil. Set that on a heat lamp that’s pointing it up, so your little toxic surprise for your spider mites doesn’t slide off.


Then turn your fans on high, flip the switch on the heat lamp, and you’ll begin to see strange-smelling smoke begin to rise up from your chunk of pest strip on the heat lamp.


Don’t hang around and smell it cause it’s going to kill every insect in your room, but it won’t kill the eggs. So you need to repeat this process every couple of days. Just turn around and get out of your grow room and come back in about four hours to vent it out.

How to get rid of spider mites without sickening your friends.


The active ingredient in Nuvan pest strips is serious stuff. Its toxicity in humans is measured in the parts for billions, not parts per million. So it doesn’t take a lot of sniffing for the stuff to impact you.


Serious growers have been using it for some time now, so not only is this secret getting out, but no one is reporting any ill effects from it. The nice thing about it, too, is that it doesn’t leave any residual in your plants or room.


After you have treated your room and vented it out, nothing is retained; unlike other pesticides. It’s also the perfect solution for eliminating spider mites on tightly bunched clusters of flowers.


It’s a vapor and with your fan turned on high, there’s just nowhere for them to hide. Every one of them will be eliminated. Just keep in mind that your war against spider mites goes on forever.


They will never give up. So develop a system for gassing them with these pest strips that works best for you, and then stick with it. Also, don’t underestimate how important it is that all the foliage around the outside of your home is treated on a timely basis.

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