Spiders are a current houseguest for many of us. While there are many benefits to having spiders outside on our property, there are many people who just cannot stand the idea of spiders in their home.


It is important to understand the difference between insects and spiders. While both insects and spiders are invertebrates, spiders are not insects. Bugs are made up of a head, thorax, and an abdomen. Their thorax will have three pairs of legs; insects also have antennae, mouthparts, and eyes. Insects have what is known as an exoskeleton which is a hard ?outer shell? that protects them.


Spiders, on the other hand, will have two main body parts. The body is a combination of the head and thorax, known as the cephalothorax. This part of their body has eyes, mouthparts (no antennae) and four pairs of legs. The second part is the abdomen. Ticks, mites, and scorpions are related to spiders in that they share these characteristics. They are all members of Arachnida, while, more obviously, insects are members of the Insecta.


Wolf spiderWhen you suspect that you have sustained spider bites, wash the area with soap and water, use an ice application or cold compress, and take any necessary medicine. If you experience severe swelling, use an antihistamine. In the cases of small children and the development of severe symptoms, always seek immediate medical treatment.


If you are considering of how to get rid of spiders, it is important to know that store-bought traps and home remedies can only take you so far. It may get rid of a few spiders here and there, but never an infestation. Always seek a professional when you think that your home or business is showing signs of a spider infestation.


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