Oscar Stansbury was born on February 17, 1852. He had eight siblings. He gained a medical degree in 1873 and got engaged to Libbie Manlove. He worked in Mississippi at his family’s lumbermill until he received a letter from his cousin asking him to take over his cousin’s medical practice. Mr. Stansbury arrived in Chico in 1875. At the time, the town was three years of age. Dr. Stansbury established himself as a doctor in the city and returned to the east in 1877 to marry Miss Manlove. They traveled for a month for their honeymoon. Mr. Stansbury had a home built for his family in 1883.


Stansbury Home left side


Dr. Stansbury had an office inside of the bank and made calls to resident’s homes for a long time. There was not a hospital in the area, so Dr. Stansbury ran his hospital for a little over the year. Dr. Stansbury also had concerns regarding many public health issues. He was a member of the State Board of Health for 12 years. He even assisted in establishing a Bureau of Vital Statistics that helped get the California Pure Food and Drug Act passed in 1907.


Dr. Stansbury also owned farmable land east of Chico, known as the Warfield ranch. He also had real estate in Maryland and Mississippi. Dr. Stansbury worked with many organizations and worked toward making the world a better place. He passed away in 1926 when he was waiting for his mint julep in the evening.


Libbie Manlove was from a religious family. After she traveled west with Dr. Stansbury, she was upset that there was not a house of faith in Chico. She helped Establish St. John the Evangelist Church in Chico. She supervised domestic routines inside of her home and was a busy socialite. She enjoyed her role as hostess. She passed away in 1923 from Diabetes.


Middleton Stansbury is the oldest of the Stansbury Children. He was born in 1878 and attended the St. Matthew’s Academy. He also went to medical school and married Ethel Dunbar in 1902. Middleton’s son also went to medical school. Middleton passed away in 1964.


Angeline Stansbury is the middle Stansbury child. She was burned in 1883. She went through teacher training and received a degree in 1902. She taught at the High School in Chico for 40 years. She worked at the Warfield Ranch until it was sold in 1929. She lived at the Stansbury home until 1974, when she died. Ms. Stansbury died on Christmas day.


Ellen Stansbury was burned in 1885. She did receive an education but did not want to have a career. She married Francis Clough in 1907. Francis was eventually made the superintendent of the Chico Electric Railway Company.


The Stansbury home is a historic location found on the corner of fifth street and Salem Street in Chico California. In 1975, the house was in the National Register of Historic Places.


An Architect designed Stansbury home in Sacramento, California named A.A. Cook. It is an Italianate Victorian home and is patterned after the square houses found in the countryside of Italy. The home was built in 1883. The outside of the home contains bay windows that are angled, porches, and bracketed cornices. The home has a low roof and is complete with an iron fence. There are ten rooms inside the home. It cost eight thousand dollars to build.


The home was owned by the Stansbury family from 1883 until December 25, 1974. The city of Chico bought the home in 1976. The home is open to the public under the Stansbury Home Preservation Association. This association is a non-profit whose goal is to preserve and maintain the home due to its historical significance.


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See directions here:

Stansbury Home

307 W 5th St, Chico, CA 95928, USA


Head northeast on W 5th St toward Salem St

3 min (0.5 mi)


Take Vallombrosa Ave to Crister Ave

5 min (1.7 mi)


Turn left onto Cypress St

276 ft


Continue onto Woodland Ave

433 ft


Use the right lane to turn slightly right onto Mangrove Ave/Pine St<

423 ft


Slight right toward Vallombrosa Ave

157 ft


Turn right onto Vallombrosa Ave

1.4 mi


Follow Crister Ave and Filbert Ave to Wayne Ln

2 min (0.5 mi)


Turn left onto Crister Ave

0.3 mi


Turn right onto Filbert Ave

0.2 mi


Turn left onto Wayne Ln (!Destination will be on the left)

161 ft


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