In the Californian town of Paradise, an intriguing set of waterways litter the landscape. These are known as they Flumes, and they were used throughout history for the transportation of timber and logs around the country. Running alongside the Feather River, they make for a truly unique hiking experience thanks to the elevated wood-and-metal catwalks which allow people to cross.


An Adrenaline Rush or a Leisurely Stroll


One of the things that make the Flumes at Paradise so extraordinary and exciting is that they offer two types of hiking trip concurrently. At their heart, the Flumes are a serene and relaxing environment, with breathtaking views and an abundance of wildlife. Everything about the Flumes simply screams of nature and serenity?and yet they can also provide for those who enjoy a little thrill on a hike.


If you are searching for a little more excitement, begin your trip at the Feather River Place access point. Make your way down the street and then take the main trail down the hill until you reach a narrow dirt track, marked by a rope at the start of it. Be warned: this is not a novice slope as it is incredibly steep and difficult to navigate. But, if you are steady on your feet, make your way down steadily until you finally reach the end of this path and have reached your destination. Just be aware that you will have to return home by that trail, too, and the hike back up is an exhausting, arduous climb.


With its large lakes (The Cable Pools) fed by the Feather River, and even greater-sized boulders, the Flumes make for the perfect place to have a summertime dip. The cool water is deep enough in many places for a plunge; so long as you have already scouted out your planned jumping points, you can enjoy the thrill of diving straight in!


What Should I Bring?


  • Regardless of whether you opt for the adrenaline rush or peaceful strolls, the Flumes are still open countryside and you should always wear sensible footwear when traversing them?hiking shoes preferably.
  • The sheer amount of water makes The Flumes a haven for mosquitos, so always use repellent or you may end up suffering the consequences later on.
  • Be aware of the abundance of poison oak, as it thrives in this environment. As the name suggests, you do not want to end up brushing against this plant, so keep an eye out.
  • Prepare ahead with water and some high-energy snacks. This is especially important if you end up taking the steep trail down to the Cable Pools, as you will need the energy to ensure you get back up safely!
  • Always wear sunscreen. This is an obvious point, really, but it has to be considered. The Flumes are very open, and without the protection you are likely to get burned.


How Can I Help Protect The Flumes?


If you are visiting the Flumes, always be mindful that it is a natural habitat for many species and human influence can have a grave impact on the environment. If you see any litter left lying around, always try to pick it up. If you take your dog with you, ensure that any mess is picked up as you go; don?t leave it for others to tread in!


Gecko Pest Control Paradise is helping to spread the word about this relatively unknown gem of a trail. If you are in the area, give it a try; you?d be crazy to miss out on all the Flumes have to offer.


See directions here:



The Flumes
2099 Dean Rd, Paradise, CA 95969


Head east on Dean Rd toward Sesame St
1.5 mi


Turn right onto Pentz Rd
1.0 mi


Turn left onto Skyway Rd
!Destination will be on the left
0.1 mi


Gecko Pest Control Paradise
9300 Skyway Rd, Paradise, CA 95969