A recent survey carried out by the University of Kentucky together with the National Pest Management Association (NPMA), Fairfax, Va., has proven that there is a strong resurgence in bed bug infestations. In accordance with the survey, some 95 percent of respondents stated that the pest management company they worked for had dealt with a bed bug related problem over the previous 12 months. Before 2000, only 25 percent of respondents claimed to have encountered bed bugs.


istock-bed-bug-newsThis would suggest that the U.S. and the rest of the world is on the threshold of a pandemic of bed bugs. In the U.S. it?s not only houses and apartments that are being infested by bed bugs; they are also found in retail stores, college dormitories, in hotels, hospitals, libraries, daycare centers, office buildings, and in movie theaters. It could be that bed bugs are either targeting such facilities in a direct fashion, or that vendors and employees are inadvertently bringing the uninvited guests in from home.


These little bugs can be relatively easy to spot. The color and size of an apple seed, they are elusive and nocturnal, and they will hide in electrical switch plates, baseboards, cubicle dividers, upholstery, and also in picture frames.


Exclusively, they will feed on blood ? both animal and human, though they do not need to feast every day. They can survive an entire year without the need to feed. After consumption, they will hide for a few days in a secluded place to digest their meal, where they also mate and then lay eggs.


Females can lay anything between one and five eggs daily, while the eggs hatch between seven and ten days later, which makes for a huge infestation.


There?s a continual need for education in terms of correct handling of such an infestation, particularly in the workplace. The fact is that most property managers fail to understand this problem and they likewise believe that their premises are not susceptible.


Bed bugs tend to travel on items that belong to people. When lots of homes are infested, it then becomes inevitable that bed bugs make their way into places of work and into schools.


The bed bugs can be eradicated by vacuuming and then steam cleaning. Relatively accessible clusters of bed bugs can be removed through vacuuming with the use of a crevice tool in locales such as in chairs, in walls, and under desks.


All the same, vacuuming is not enough to remove bugs that are hiding deep within crevices and cracks or to dislodge their eggs. Thus, steam cleaning can be relied upon in order to penetrate upholstery seams, desk crevices, and cubicle dividers, and that will kill bugs and also destroy their eggs. And though steam does reach those deeper areas, it?s still critical to vacuum as it removes the dead bugs and all related physical evidence of their establishment.


Furthermore, cleaning personnel should very regularly change over vacuum bags, and these should be sealed inside plastic bags and then discarded in outside containers. Additionally, if vacuum cleaners are stored at an onsite location, janitors must monitor storage areas, given that a vacuum cleaner can become a residence for bed bugs.


Pesticides can be supplied by distributors, though it is crucial that this is done with caution. States tend to have their own regulations with respect to pesticides. Products that have been supplied by a distributor can be used improperly, which means that the distributor may be held liable in terms of being a third party.


Additionally, to eradicate an infestation of bed bugs entirely is a tall order, and thus, distributors ought not to guarantee any claims. To help with the identification of workable pesticides, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has compiled a list of products that are effective in the battle against bed bugs.


Nonetheless, distributors may supply products that will help to detect and also monitor a situation, such as devices to be used for intercepting bed bugs as they move around at night to feed.


Distributors are also able to supply niche products which help to prevent the spread of a potential problem to the homes of a building?s occupants. This includes dissolvable laundry bags which are suited to washing clothing which has been worn in compromised environments and encasements for mattresses.


In commercial offices, the environment is entirely devoid of sofas or beds, in which case, bed bugs will find a home in other items such as bags and boxes. This means that clutter should always be minimized whenever possible.



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