Selecting a Pest Control Company

Numerous sprays, baits, and dust products are available on the market for a homeowner to use as a way to control pests. Nevertheless, it is not necessarily possible for the homeowner to treat their own home without having the appropriate equipment, knowledge, and training with respect to pest behavior and nesting routines.


For the most part, a professional operator will be in a position to solve a pest problem more efficaciously and safely than a homeowner.


These days, the majority of professionals utilize a large variety of dusts, targeted sprays, baiting systems, as well as nonchemical measures for which to control structural and household pests.


Here, we discuss the necessity for a pest control operator, as well as how to choose the right one for your given scenario.


21Do you require a pest control professional?

If you are experiencing any of the following situations, you may be in need of the services of a professional to combat your pest problem:


  • A termite infestation is a difficult matter for the homeowner to solve and is frequently best left to the professional.



  • The pests pose a danger. There are some pests that pose a threat to people, such as brown recluse spiders and nesting wasps.



  • Lack of knowledge with respect to the pest. You?re unsure what the pest is, where it is they are nesting, or how they are gaining entrance to your home.



  • The infestation is in a sensitive area. Perhaps the pests have nested near electrical apparatus, or in areas where children or elderly people frequent.



  • The posts are resident in a tricky area to treat like the attic, chimney, the roof, or in crawlspaces.



  • You?re not sure about your own capacity to use the insecticide correctly.



What should you consider when hiring a pest control professional?

If you?ve made the decision that it is the right choice to hire a pest control operator, before settling on one, ask for bids for the work. Most pest control companies will provide you with a free inspection. By all means inquire about recent references, and ask your friends and neighbors about companies they have previously hired.


If a price appears to be unusual, do be wary, particularly so if it?s much lower than the others. Low pricing can equate to low quality.


The professional that you settle on should quickly identify the problem and also the areas of infestation. They will have a plan for control and implement a specific program.


With respect to termites, the operator will likely map out your home, and highlight those areas where damage has already been found, together with draining and structural issues, if there are any.


Other important matters to consider:


  • Does the company have a license and are they certified for the specific state? To do work in your home, they must be.



  • Are they registered with any professional associations like the National Pest Control Association? This can provide some level of indication as to the provision of a quality service.



  • Do they come with specialist training to deal with the problem at hand?



  • Do they have a particular specialty? Are they trained, and do they have some expertise in handling your pest problem?



  • Which treatment options do they provide? Will they utilize both chemical and nonchemical methods for control? Will they monitor for a problem and treat only should it be necessary?



  • Do they have a warranty? With respect to termites, for example, some companies limit their own liability to the damage incurred by the termites once treatment has concluded.



  • Has the company had to deal with any regulatory actions in accordance with violations? This information can be ascertained by getting in touch with the Department of Pesticide Regulation.



  • Feel at liberty to ask about the costs involved.



Prior to any work commencing, be sure you have a good understanding with the company. Learn about the pest, how it will be treated, for how long will the treatment program last, and what are the expected results. Will there potentially be a requirement for further inspection in future?


It?s more than likely that your home will be the largest investment you ever make. Pest infestations and any damage caused can easily be minimized, though perhaps not entirely avoided. The right professional in the pest control trade can provide excellent results, and they will always afford you with an appropriate warranty to safeguard their work.