The author Henry Green once said, “The more you leave out, the more you highlight what you leave in.” That’s a perfect clue, both in personal life and business, about how to determine whether someone is honest or not. As with any green product, when it comes to natural pest control, there are always perpetrators and poseurs who would have us believe they operate a sustainable business. Their most egregious violation is when they claim to use a ‘natural’ or ‘organic’ chemical when the truth is the substance is processed or synthetic. There is also the matter of the improper quote – some double-dealers say you need their professional service, when it’s obvious your pest control problem is something you can handle. While unscrupulous companies are rare, because they don’t last long, it’s best to be wary. The security of your family and home depend on making the right choice.


One of the first decisions to make about natural pest control is to decide whether to do it yourself. There are hundreds of natural insect and vermin deterrents. Most people have heard of using mint or cucumbers to keep away ants. Cornmeal is a good way to kill the ants, by feeding them something they can’t digest. Crushed mint and eucalyptus will keep away flies while spraying garlic water, or burning sage or rosemary will keep away mosquitoes. Purchase real ingredients, and not ‘fragranced’ or ‘scented’ synthetics. Remember you need what’s inside the products, and aren’t only trying to mask odors.


Sprays down threats - WikimediaIf a job is too big for you, then it’s time to hire a professional. Examine claims carefully. Some companies claim to do natural pest control when in fact their practices say otherwise. Businesses that claim their chemicals are safe when they dry, sometimes fail to disclose the danger of the chemical residues. Certain pesticides have shown links to cancer and learning disorders. Still, others that are labeled natural are simply synthetic products derived from naturally occurring ingredients. Comparing them to organic products is like comparing petroleum to mulch. Such products, like those made from chrysanthemums, are classified as outright toxins by the EPA, and we must avoid them.


In Yuba City, California, the Gecko Pest Control company is scrupulous in its attention to these details. In a town that houses the largest dried fruit processing plant in the world, it’s easy to see why natural pest control might matter. Gecko is a family owned business. Of the many Yuba City pest control companies, they stand out as a provider that offers a range of organic pest control options. They use the least toxic chemicals possible. Most of their products fall below ordinary ammonia and bleach regarding danger levels. When they do use stronger chemicals, they monitor them diligently, to make sure they leave your home and family safe. Gecko Pest Control is an excellent choice for getting pest control done the right way. Their rule is to be as hazard-free as possible while offering you the best options for infestation eradication and prevention.



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