Certified Organic

Maintaining a home that is pest free is a top priority for most homeowners. The thought of bugs and spiders living merrily alongside us is enough to make most squeamish. The only solution to eradicating unwanted pest is by hiring a pest control professional. Methods of pest control can include traditional chemical products or the use of organic/ all natural solutions. However, with all that is known about pesticides and the potential for it to be harmful, you may be seeking a better alternative. Gecko Pest Control is proud to offer options for organic pest control that isn?t harmful to you, your family, fur babies, and the environment.


Each of our Organic options is tailored to specific pests problems whether inside or outside of the home. Organic pest control pesticides are just as capable as other forms without the harmful chemicals. We currently offer three different organic programs for homeowners that wish to rid their home of insects, bugs, and spiders that include:


Organic & Natural Program

Used to eliminate spiders and other pests inside the house. Essentria-IC3 an all natural form of pest control that contains rosemary oil, mint and a mixture of different essential oils instead of traditional chemicals. The use of essential oils is an excellent alternative to harmful chemicals. This treatment plan is highly effective at controlling pests from entering the home as well as eliminating those that are present.


Smart Choice Pest Control Program

For those that have a zero tolerance for bugs and spiders, we provide the Smart Choice Pest Control Program. This program uses a chemically based compound that is extremely effective at controlling and eliminating unwanted pests. It is a long-lasting solution as well. Using the Smart Choice Pest Control Program is safe for children, adults, and pets. Gecko Pest Control can use organic/natural products with this plan as well. Baits can also be used in this treatment plan. Baits are all natural and safe. Baits can be used to eliminate several different types of pests. However, some pests develop a tolerance for the baits, and other methods may need to be used.


Organic Hybrid Program

For those that want to absolute most natural, safe, and organic pesticides we offer the Organic Hybrid Program. This program is used inside and outside the home with the help of small bands that distribute pest eliminating products in concentrated areas. This form of pest control utilizes natural herbs that have been known to be safer, and less destructive on the environment. This method of pest control can last up to 75 days.


Gecko Pest Control is excited to provide these natural pest control solutions. Non-toxic products are one of the fastest growing services within the pest controlling field. By using all natural and organic products, homeowners can significantly reduce the harmful effects traditional pesticides have been long known to produce. If you seek to rid your home of the creepy crawlies and want an alternative to conventional pesticides and would like to go the organic/natural route, Gecko Pest Control is the pest control Oroville specialist.