When it comes to controlling pests in and around your home, there are a number of different reasons for which you may need to think about changing up your pest control routines. Indeed, one of these reasons could be the weather.


Why You Should Consider The Weather For Your Pest Control Measures

Oftentimes, people do not think about how the weather could influence their pest control in Lincoln CA measures and management practices, but it is incredibly important to do so for a multitude of different reasons.

Of course, this is a factor that you should consider throughout the year if you are to ensure that your property?s pest control measures will be good enough to keep the building secure against invasion. The weather can obviously change on a day to day basis, but the most extreme changes will be seen when the seasons change and the weather changes along with this.

But how can the weather actually affect a person?s natural pest control measures? What impacts can change weather conditions have on your ability to keep pests and vermin out of your home, and what steps can be taken in order to ensure your continued security against invasion?


The Impact Of The Weather

When it comes to pest control in Lincoln CA, most people disregard the impacts of the weather. After all, they might think, they already have pest control measures in place in order to protect their home. Aren?t these suitable year round?

While some pest control measures will still work throughout the year, it is vital that you remember that this will not always be the case. Changing weather conditions will change the ways in which you should be acting in order to protect your property.



Hot Weather ? Summertime

When the weather is hot will be when you will likely suffer the most from invasion by insects. In the hot weather, insects will be highly active and this means that you will need to pull out all of the stops to get these little creepy crawlies from getting access into your home! Indeed, when it comes to insect control, the hot and dry summers are often the hardest; it is at these times of the year, when the sun is blazing overhead and waking up all of the little ants and pests that you will need to be ruthless in your determination to keep them out.

As well as nuisance insects such as ants, one thing that you will want to be particularly on the lookout for will be wasp and bee nests. While these will normally be constructed outside of the home?for example, underneath the roof?it can be incredibly concerning to have a swarm so close to your garden; if this is the case for you, be on the alert for any signs of increased bee or wasp activity. You will also want to keep an eye out for mosquitoes, too; while these will most often be found outside your home, limiting their attraction to your property will help to prevent you from being attacked by these nasty little things.

In addition to this, hot weather will also increase the prevalence of other species of pests as well. When the weather is hot, a lot of larger pests?namely rats and mice?will probably be on the search for shade and shelter from the intense heat; this can lead to them trying to gain access into your home (think about how refreshing it is to step inside an air conditioned building in the middle of summer).



Warm & Wet Weather ? Springtime

Warm and wet weather is most commonly a problem in spring and sometimes in the fall as well. Focusing primarily on the spring, though, you will want to be on the alert for any pests that have begun to awaken after their winter hibernation or periods of inactivity, especially those which are on the hunt for dry space. This can naturally draw pests into your home, and so you will want to keep an eye out for these. Spring is also the season when termites swarm, as well, which can be a particular nuisance for many homeowners.



In The Fall ? Dry But Cooling Down

Most often fall months will be primarily dry but will be a lot cooler than the summer months that had come before them. This dropping temperature will naturally draw pests to the warmth of your home, and so you will need to tailor your preparations in Fall especially so as to keep them out; this is the most important period of time for you to barricade your home against pests, as once they are in, they could well be wreaking havoc all winter and into the coming spring months as well.

To prepare your home in fall for the onset of pests, make sure that you keep all food (as well as pet food and waste food/rubbish) well stored so that it cannot be accessed by determined pests. In addition to this, keep your outdoor space clean and dry; don?t leave any standing water hanging around that could attract insects to your property. In addition, you should ideally consider cleaning you?re guttering and checking the property?s external walls for any signs of cracks or holes that could allow insects and other larger pests to gain entrance into the property.



Cold & Wet ? Winter Months

The winter months can be the most unpleasant for the majority of wild animals, due to the cold weather conditions and lack of fresh, nutritious food. This can drive any surviving pests that have not died off as the weather changed due to their natural life cycles, to seek out shelter and warmth and nourishment in your home.

This is a problem that is most commonly seen at the start of the winter months, when animals and pests seek refuge before going into hibernation over the course of the remaining winter months. Bees and wasps and ants will typically look for somewhere warm and dry in the woodwork of your property to nest down, potentially carving out holes to serve as their hibernation pads themselves.

Other species that do not seek to hibernate and which will instead just survive the harsh coming months will also try to find refuge inside the warmth of your home; this is a problem posed by many different animals, the most concerning being rats and mice and cockroaches. Spiders will also do this over winter, which can be a real problem for someone who struggles with arachnophobia.

The main aim for the control of winter pests is to stop them from getting inside your home in the first place. Pest proof your home at the start of the fall, in preparation for the upcoming winter months, and you should be fine.


Getting Organic Pest Control Right All Year Round

Want to learn more about how the weather and the seasons will affect unwanted visitors trying to make their way into your home? We, at Gecko Pest Control, are always here to help you come up with solutions for your seasonal and weather dependent pest control needs.