We are aware that some people like to keep a mouse or rat as pets, but even then, they spend most of the time in a cage. However, if they are running loose, that is usually a sign that you have a rodent problem in your home. Everything starts with simple issues such as a hole in a box, but it soon turns into chewed electrical wiring that may cause fires. On top of that, rats are carriers of various illnesses, and you need to get rid of them as soon as possible, which is why we are going to take a look at some tips on rodent-proofing your home naturally.


Birdseed Attracts Rodents

You might like that little birdhouse in your yard, and we can’t blame you for that. However, you should keep in mind that birds can be messy eaters. If they drop the food to the ground, there is a good chance that seed will attract both insects and rodents and you do not want them getting used to your home.


Make Sure Your Garage Doors Are Closed

It is particularly important during the night, but you should avoid leaving them open for long even during the day. Mice, rats, insects, and all sorts of wildlife may find their way in and might even start considering your garage their home.


While we are on the topic of the garage, let’s mention that you shouldn’t store dog or bird food unless it is in airtight containers.


Throw Out Your Trash Regularly

Humans can’t understand it, but for some reason, rodents are attracted to garbage. You might find this unbelievable, but there seems to be something about the aroma that they particularly like. Either way, if your trash is spreading that known smell, there is a good chance a rat will appear in the vicinity. It doesn’t take long from that point for them to get used to your home and start nesting in the garage and maybe even walls.


Do Not Forget the Spilled Food

You might have missed your dog’s bowl when putting food in it or he was messy while eating it, but there are a few chunks left on the floor. Make sure not to leave the spilled food on the floor for a long time as a hungry rat may be lurking around the corner.


Lush Landscaping Is Also Attractive to Rodents

This one we can probably understand as there is nothing more beautiful than a home and a garden full of various plants. Even though you love the aesthetic value of landscaping, you should learn to keep the number of plants at a modest level. Rodents can also be attracted to plant life, especially if you have an abundant garden.


Call Professionals

Now, while these simple pest solutions might be effective occasionally, they cannot guarantee that your home will be free of rodents. The only way to ensure that is to call a professional pest control team and let them do their job. Once they are done, you won’t have to worry about mice and rats for a long time to come. If you’re in Boise, ID check out our friends Averse.