The truth is that pests are important for your local ecosystem.? Bats, as research has shown, can be beneficial.? They actually eat over one thousand insects in a mere hours? time.? Their favorite thing to eat are the pesky mosquitos that no one enjoys.? When they live on the outside of your home, bats can provide you with pest control services at no charge. However, what happens when they move into the house? When you have a bat in your home, they move in and bring issues with them. The biggest issue comes in the form of guano and urine.?The odor emitted from these critters can be overwhelming. Guano can be full of microorganisms that have the potential of being extremely dangerous.?All of this must be gathered up and then disinfected. Once the guano is disinfected, all fecal matter must be disposed of. When you cleanup this substance, protective gear is critical.



The First Step to Recovery

The first step to fixing your pest problem is admitting that you have one in the first place.?The sooner you admit you have a problem and address the bat problem the better off you will be.?Once a bat becomes attach to your home they tend to have a very acute sense of where they are. It will not be easy to move them.?You are most likely to experience a bat issue during the months of August or September.?This is because they have babies toward the end of June. Around the first of August, these babies begin going out alone at night.?These young ones can get lost and find their way into your home.?When they find a place they like, they are likely to make it their home and invite their bat friends to come and stay. This can cause problems for both you and the home you love so much.


Controlling the Issue

The most important thing you need to understand about this issue is when not to act. The months can change depending on the location of your home, but you shouldn?t act between May and August.?This is because you could end up trapping babies in your attic that are unable to fly on their own.?Not only does this trap them and leave them to suffer and very slow and painful death, but it can also cause you to have to deal with a bat carcass rotting in your home. You want to wait the problem out. However, pest control professionals can help you if you have an emergency situation or have reached your limit on how much you can deal with. You want to make sure that you address the issue of potentially leaving babies behind.?A professional should be honest about this from the get-go.


Make the Bat Go Away

Poison is going to cause you more issues that it causes and chemicals can harm the pets and people in your home. Bats are good for the environment.?Some areas will even issue a fine if you kill a bat.?Honestly, which is worse, a bat or a mosquito? A professional can help assist you as you make your home bat free, without doing harm to the bats.