For those that have witnessed a few ants scurrying across their kitchen floor, or watched as a cockroach made its way over the dining room table, they fully understand why cohabitation with pests posits something of a problem.?A pest infestation can damage your property, create nothing short of an uncomfortable living scenario for yourself and your family, and, in some instances, pose nothing short of a contamination risk in your home.?So, what?s the quickest and most effective way to eliminate unwanted pests? For lasting and safe extermination, you ought to hire a pest control company.


Your Health

Other than being somewhat creepy, pests may carry hazardous bacteria and harmful diseases. This can expose your family to illness. As an example, cockroaches are a host for salmonella and E coli, and may also pose a risk in terms of asthma and allergies.

A bite from a tick can be the cause of Lyme disease, a hazardous condition which is frequently associated with symptoms such as severe fatigue, rashes, and extreme illness.

Ants may contaminate food, where wasps and bees can be the cause of injuries and can trigger allergic reactions which can be life-threatening.

Fortuitously, even before calling in a professional to deal with the problem, there are a few things that you yourself can do in order to make your home less appealing to bugs.


Identify & Eliminate Pests


For the most part, pest control companies are able to eliminate many varieties of pests ? rodents, spiders, cockroaches, ants, fleas, wasps, termites, and more.

Different forms of baits and chemicals are necessary to exclude various forms of pests. A licensed pest control technician will understand the correct dosages of chemical application, and where and when to make the application.

Among the benefits of hiring a pest control company is that these professionals have the appropriate training and experience in order to identify the pests that are infiltrating your property, and they will determine how they should be eliminated. A pest control service can eradicate various pests through the use of poisoned baits, or by utilizing baiting methods that lead to a trap.


Locating the Source

A pest control service can maximize the effects of pest control treatment through the location of the source of infestation.

If the pests are eliminated but the source of attraction within your home is not found, further infestation is likely. A pest control company can easily determine the cause of the problem, locate the specific source, and then eliminate it in order to prevent any future infestation.

Sources often include garbage, plants, pet food, soil, nests, or particular areas within walls.



Professional pest control companies can provide a more rapid and more effective end result than if you attempted to eradicate the problem yourself. Given their experience and the products that they use, which are often not available to the general consumer, they can expeditiously implement a plan for extermination and efficaciously eliminate any pest within a short time span.

In general, a professional will be able to complete a pest control treatment within a few hours, though larger problems that call for fumigation may take rather longer to fulfill.


Avoiding Damage

Over time, it?s likely that the costs involved in hiring a pest control company will in fact save you money. After all, many pests can cause damage to your home through the destruction of carpeting, clothes, furnishings, walls, foundations, and floors. Such damage can amount to thousands of dollars-worth of repairs.

Investing in a licensed professional to expunge the pest infiltration rapidly and expeditiously will serve to protect your property.


Treatment Costs

The precise cost of a pest control service will depend on the type of pest, the severity of the problem, the professional you hire, and the size of your property. Learn more about our costs and our process here.

Contract with a professional exterminator who will proactively treat your property periodically throughout the year so as to ensure your home continues to be pest-free.